Questions about human resources talent acquisition

Human resources are not only the important thing to companies  and organization but also the facing the problem to them which make them have to continuity to find solving solutions. In human resources fields, they usually use the term talent acquisition and this lead to the misunderstanding between talent recruitment and talent acquisition. In fact, they share the same characteristics but still are different in some characteristics and their function. To understand clearly about this term and the difference between human resources talent acquisition and recruitment, please read carefully the following information. 
General information
Talent acquisition is known as a process which will attract and hire personnel with qualifications and skills to fulfill a business’s need. To do this, they have to build and develop a strong business brand because it helps them to attract the right and appropriate candidates without wasting time to filter and evaluate candidate list. Besides, they need to build applicant network in order to respond to the current and future business need. In addition, talent acquisition specialist need to maintain the relationship between their company or them with past candidate because if they can not use those candidates now, there will be an opportunity in the future for them to use. Hiring talent from diverse backgrounds is considered the most effective strategy. 
To know the difference, we need to find out some information about recruitment and the first thing is what recruitment is. In general, it still is the process which human resource department of one company will use to find and hire candidate for a job. The chosen candidates is also the best and most qualified ones so this process will take time and money. 
From those information above, we can see that recruitment and talent acquisition are not the same thing, perhaps, they share the same purposes so people usually misunderstand them.
Is talent acquisition important?
To human resources department of any companies, employee recruitment is an important activity but the importance of talent acquisition is higher than normal recruitment. This is because human resources talent acquisition can help companies and organizations to build and complete their workplaces with employees who have solid knowledge and skills to drive businesses in the most efficient way. Moreover, company can easily change recruiting from basic function into a more proactive function. Talent acquisition not only build for companies and organizations a list of talented candidates for future use but also hire the most potential one for business growth. 
In some cases, companies can not do themselves and to solve this problem they need to find a provider. Providers can be a company who provides talent acquisition service or they may be companies who only provide specialist helping businesses to implement the talent acquisition strategy. In general, using those service is the right choice because although businesses have to pay fee, they can quickly have what they want. In the market now, there are some companies working in this field for them to choose, so if they want to perform their strategy soon, they must find themselves a choice.