Those who like the wild beauty of the mountains can not miss the Dambri Waterfall – Da Lat. This is a beautiful sight of the fog city is also a tourist destination Da Lat is much interested visitors.
1. Legend Dambri falls in Dalat
Many visitors question the name Dambri falls when visiting this place. According to Viet Fun Travel, the name Dambri falls from the story of a couple of K’Ho girls who love each other but do not meet each other.
According to the legend, the two made an appointment to meet the water to date but the boy suddenly disappeared without a trace. The girl waited forever not see the guy should be crying, waiting to wear down the waterfall. For days, the tears of the girl formed a large waterfall. The K’Ho named Dambri, meaning "wait".
2. Make your way to Dambri Falls
Dambri is the name of the famous waterfall in HCMC. Bao Loc, Lam Dong province, about 100km away from Da Lat city center. From other provinces, tourists can go by plane, car or motorbike to Da Lat. After that, visitors find their way to the city center. Bao Loc.
Da Lat tourism is an excellent choice for the holiday season.
Da Lat tourism is an excellent choice for the holiday season.
There will be signs pointing to Dambri Falls. You just need to follow this table to enter the waterfall. Go about 18km across the tea gardens and green coffee gardens on both sides of the road will reach Dambri Falls. Despite being a few hundred meters away, visitors can still hear the sound of waterfalls echoing loudly.


Dambri falls in the area of ​​330ha, including primitive forest, tourism, two small waterfalls are Đasara and Da Ton. Visitors can move down the falls by 3 paths. The first way is visitors go along the concrete road to the two falls waterfall. On this road you can explore the rich fauna at the Dambri Falls.
The second way is to travel by elevator 50m high, running parallel to the falls. Guests will be taken to the "Dambri Waterfront" from the upstream to the waterfall.
The third is the modern two-wheeled sleigh system: the station has the highest starting point and the longest skateboard system in Southeast Asia. The slider moves slowly to give visitors an enjoyable experience.
Guests can choose to travel by foot, lift or scooter depending on their preferences and needs. Regardless of the choice of travel, Viet Fun Travel believes that every vehicle offers visitors an impressive experience.
3. Da Lat tourism – See the beauty of Dambri waterfall
Dambri is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dalat Travelers often travel to select Dambri Falls as a stopover.
If you are the first to set foot in the waterfalls, visitors will surely be amazed by the beauty of this legendary waterfall. The waterfall of the falls above 90m falls, creating a beautiful scene. In the rainy season, the flow of water rushing, foam tossing white clear.
In the dry season, waterfalls pour as soft as silk, making the visitors feel comfortable. In both seasons, the waterfall also has a beauty that attracts tourists. However, in the wet season slippery roads, visitors should limit the move.
Currently, Dambri Waterfall has a system of restaurants, motels, supermarkets, souvenir shops … to serve the needs of tourists. Come here, in addition to waterfall, take pictures, visitors can down the waterfall to enjoy the Central Highlands coffee at the bar.
In the afternoon, when it is cool, visitors invite more relatives, friends to join the duck riding around the large lake nearby. If you want to spend the night, tourists can rent accommodation in the resort. It is interesting to spend the night here is that visitors get into the fire flames camp here.
Guests will be participating in the festival of gongs with Chau Ma ethnic people, have fun, dancing, enjoy barbecue, wine and especially heard about the legend of delicious waterfall majestic This.
Dambri is a beautiful waterfall, the highest in Lam Dong. Come here, visitors enjoy the fresh air of nature, be first to admire the majestic waterfalls between wild mountains and especially to discover many interesting games here.